Kamis, 14 Juli 2011

Free Download Virus Shortcut Remover v2.1 Full Version

On this occasion I tried sharing of a software security, the program ' s autograph is  Virus Shortcut Remover v2.1, you burden nowadays guess what the function of this software peerless from his nickname, okay over the epithet of this software is good to defeated PIF Virus / Starter or ofttimes called Virus Style.

 Viruses of this one was mere stubborn. Garrote processes liability not exemplify all right from the task manager, because rightful has protection. Virus that one business is to construct a recipe from the folder on the computer besides salt away the ( undetected ) file or the introductory folder. People who layman would gather the process is a folder, and double - clicks that knock off the virus will stretch and stretch.

One of the characteristics of this virus is a computer or flash you will be a lot of shortcuts that name is the same as folders on your computer. Very annoying. Antivirus sometimes can not find this virus. How to delete a shortcut that already be everywhere?

With this program we do not need to delete the shortcuts manually one by one. We just need to Download and Install  Virus Shortcut Remover v2.1 on your computer, then scan ....

Download Virus Shortcut Remover v2.1 Here

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